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Kin of the Stars

A community for the fans of Crest of the Stars, Abh culture, anime, technology, science fiction, video games, and friendly conduct.

    20th anniversary Blu-ray edition


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    20th anniversary Blu-ray edition Empty 20th anniversary Blu-ray edition

    Post by jesabh on 5/8/2020, 11:16 am

    hi all
    I am new to the this from though I was on abhnation for a while. i notice no said anything about the 20th anniversary Blu-ray edition.
    id put a link but I can not so its on crunchyroll

    text link causes not allowed to post exe links
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    20th anniversary Blu-ray edition Empty Re: 20th anniversary Blu-ray edition

    Post by Almael on 5/10/2020, 8:45 am


    This has already been posted somewhere here...
    It's also in the wiki

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