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Kin of the Stars

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Kin of the Stars

A community for the fans of Crest of the Stars, Abh culture, anime, technology, science fiction, video games, and friendly conduct.

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    Post by JGZinv on 3/18/2009, 1:41 am

    To our fellow Kin of the Stars and relocating members of the Abh Nation, to you I present this forum.
    There's plenty of functionality hidden away in it, but I'm still working on some color scheme issues in
    several areas across the board.

    If you encounter something that needs to be fixed or could be done better, please make a note of it in the Feedback section.
    I might have missed something and don't know about it yet.

    Also note that while the current layout matches that of the Abh Nation, it doesn't mean we're locked into staying
    that way. If you can think of a better way we can organize things to make things easier, or more appealing to new
    members, please let me know.

    Once we've several members over, I'll figure out something as to moderators, although I think we're all adult enough
    to hold our own for a while yet.

    Spread forth across this sea of stars, my kindred... and repopulate the topics.

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