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    Neat series of stores


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    Neat series of stores Empty Neat series of stores

    Post by JGZinv on 6/10/2009, 10:27 pm

    Read through the comments and you'll find there
    are several secret stores from robot parts, to time travel
    waypoints, to spy shops... all a front for helping young authors.

    Neat stuff. I want a gallon of gravity.

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    Neat series of stores BeyondSM
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    Neat series of stores Empty Re: Neat series of stores

    Post by Almael on 6/11/2009, 10:16 am

    Shocked One Gallon Gravity...I guess I need at least 40 for the month. Laughing *woosh*
    Capery, already covered by the Abh uniform. Razz
    Masking, nah got my own fake glasses. Razz
    Looking for isomagnetic boots, some battle bots, etc.

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