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    Space fleet games 2018

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    Space fleet games 2018 Empty Space fleet games 2018

    Post by Almael on 12/16/2017, 10:07 pm

    I've played some recent/to be finished games about fleet battles:
    Star Hammer Vanguard Prophecy
    Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
    Both from the same makers, hence, are pretty much the same in terms of game play and mechanics.
    It's a turned based pseudo 3D tactical game. Your missions are pre-set and offered as choices.
    If there's anything strategic in this game then it's the turned based planning of your movements. For me it's just a board game for tactical movement and nothing more. I've aced the Legend of Galactic Heroes (2008) which offers far more freedom and StarFleet Command which offered far more tactical options and both are real-time. I do tactical movements on the fly but using pause certainly helps micro managing/giving command to each force elements.
    So these games here are quite easy in my opinion. Something for low level armchair generals or kids. I've never needed to use reinforcements to win and could do in less than 20 turns against 5-10x larger forces. Average is more like 15 turns, lowest being 4 turns. The difficulty lies in the difficult setup of the mission (numerical disadvantage & distances for objectives). The board space is very small, though, usually 4-8x4-8 large map squares. Another difficulties is related to the 10 second long turns. So you have to plan and account or guess the enemies movement in that time. But this only matters at close quarter when the enemy decides to flee, ram or turn the other way. This is a disadvantage compared to real-time games.

    Prophecy is more focused on fighting only and Deadlock has fleet building management.

    They are pseudo 3D because altitude is basically used to avoid collisions (as ramming is an option). It really doesn't matter at all otherwise. That's why it's a board game system.

    Prophesy gives war-score ratings at the end of missions and notes whether you were aggressive or defensive.
    For some reason I mostly get aggressive ratings. AFAIK your non-command ships earn more (all 76) experience point if your rating is defensive. For aggressive your command ship gets more points while all others get only 50. Also level 4 is the maximum level that can be reached. I've maxed out after 8 missions so no progress for ~75% of the game. Also the resulting bonuses are negligible as they only apply to the command ship while everyone else gets a slight improvement on their main class stats. I could do without this system. Each time you get promoted/a new command ship a new beginner officer takes over your old ship; forcing you to groom him. But grooming is not possible with this systems since given points are fixed.
    I dunno how defensive rating is determined but my guess is you gotta use the stunning beam often. Frankly, only one ship got it and it's half as slow with half the weapon range. At most it shoot two times in one turn while dozen fast enemies bear down on your fleet. I only got it once so I doubt I will ever get such a rating again. I mean hey it's war. Laughing Or maybe because most of the time I'm powering engines and weapons, and rarely shields. Mostly engines, though. My ships don't get much damage unless send to take some risks (bait). *shrugs*

    Besides you don't have much control over weapons other than missiles, hence, I'm saying this is all about tactical movements.

    Deadlock gives you ship building options to increase your forces at the end of missions. You got fleets at your disposal but it's still no difference in game play. It's more strategic since you can actually apply strategy like creating a trap or kill zone.

    All in all they are good to spend some time if you are bored but they are more games than realistic simulated war games.

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    Space fleet games 2018 Empty Re: Space fleet games 2018

    Post by JGZinv on 3/13/2018, 11:44 am

    I've enjoyed my time with Fractured Space, which is free but plays quite well and looks pretty good.
    It's capital ship combat and territory control.

    Would have made for a hell of a mod with SnS.

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