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    The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by Almael on 8/2/2018, 5:37 pm

    Overlord III ep.4
    It's been dragging on with "details" that imho aren't important for an anime. Virtually no progress so far.

    Lupin III Part V ep.17
    The series seems to replicate itself these days. Even though there have been new characters for each show it still feel the same as those are like replacements.

    Everyone is making remakes these days...
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 8/3/2018, 1:32 pm

    Yeah, there's even yet another new version of Charlie's Angels supposed to come out.
    Remake of a remake of a remake really...into infinity and beyond! Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

    Wed. watched episodes 7 & 8 of RWBY the first episode was basically the background of the
    Baddies and showed how they defeated the Fall Maiden.It happened during the time that Blake makes her move to dissociate herself from White Fang and defect.
    The second one goes back to episode 6 and shows the consequence that Yang has to suffer.
    Blake is the only one that is reluctant at first to back her but then tells her story to explain; and in the end even she tells Yang she's got her back as long as Yang tells her face to face she didn't
    deliberately attack Mercury.
    Jeun and Pira have a talk and he tries to encourage her.
    Later Ruby goes to see the fights and meets Velvet.Velvet tells her something weird about
    what Coco said about their fight with Mercury and Emaruald.
    Just as the fight is about to begin Ruby sees Emaruald on the other side and wonders how she could
    gotten back so soon.
    Rushing over to the other side of the stadium she comes across Mercury just as the announcement is made that the first fight of the night will be Penny vs. Pira.
    Ruby is shocked as Mercury taunts her...

    Th.episode 2 of Matoi, the Sacred Slayer Matoi runs home naked and discovers Yuma there already.Yuma reminds her that her family is their landlords and so she has the keys to the house.
    NExt day at PE the god that is connected to Matoi appears to the girls,but they find out they're the only ones who can see it.The boys in the class start taking pictures and Matoi begins to say:
    "Don't post it!...Don't Tweet it!"
    Unforunately for her it goes viral and Pochi points it out to Shingo at the police station.
    Haruka is waiting for her contact to arrive but doesn't know that he's been taken over by Night.
    Another demon possesses a white collar criminal who takes hostages in a local bank.
    Matoi and Yuma are drinking pop nearby and follow the sound of the police sirens.At first
    Matoi wants the police to handle it until they see her dad go in.
    She rushes in followed by Yuma and the demon opens up a dimensional portal.
    Matoi tries to fight but is too new and gets her butt kicked; then the girl from Anti-Creed
    arrives and purifies the demon.
    She shoots Matoi but the god manifests and protects her; the girl tells Matoi she's lucky it
    isn't Night and leaves telling them that things are about to return to normal so they better
    Just as she is running Matoi's outfit begins to unwind again and she yells at the people
    staring at her on the street:"Don't post it!...Don't Tweet it!" um...are Matoi and Yuma the only girls in their class or school?
    Speaking of Yuma....Yuma meet Tomoyo!....Tomoyo meet Yuma! Laughing
    And yes I checked again and that is our beloved little Lafiel/Malfina as the kickass blonde
    Haruka...lucky for Jinto though Lafiel isn't really like her..although it be fun to see her sport that
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 8/6/2018, 5:15 pm

    Friday episode 4 of Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth Alice invites Yune over for tea but she won't come because she promised she would make sukiyaki for Oscar and Claude.
    Claude catches Yune trying to take a bath and tells her that they don't have the water to waste but
    invites her to go to the public bath with him in the morning.
    When they get there it's closed and then Alice shows up.
    She chases all around Paris until Yune agrees to go with her because she wants to talk to her.
    Alice gives Yune a bath and tells her if she decides to stay she can have baths every day.
    Yune decides not; and when Alice adds her mother's kimono in for free still refuses.Later that
    evening everyone is surprised when Alice shows up,she reveals she came because Yune was
    too obstinate.
    After tasting the sukiyaki Alice declares it delicious but Claude doesn't like it, although Yune later sees him sneaking seconds!

    Saturday episode 13 of Actually I Am Asahi, Aizawa, Shiho and Akari all go after Youko.
    Then Akane appears and takes over the car so it will go faster.Unfortunately it also destroys the
    car.The last that Asahi and the girls see of them Akari is once more chasing after Akane.
    They make it over the fence and start looking for Youko but run into her rather gigantic father instead.Youko arrives and is able to take Asahi to safety in her room (her father can't enter because of the full vampire thing).
    Youko reveals that she wanted to tell Asahi on the roof that she had to go home for a bit because her mother was ill.
    Her mother shows up and chases her father around with a stake.
    Later Asahi tells Youko's dad he's willing to loose his memories of Youko's secret if that will help and
    grabs Aizawa's hammer.
    Youko's father agrees but only if he erases all his memories of Youko.But he can't and
    during the melee accidentally trips and the hammer hits her father instead.
    Later Akari shows up with a new car which she made Akane pay for out of her salary...

    Final thoughts: this was pretty fun show. Though why the manga is titled My Monster Secret
    is a bit confusing.Any way this is the way Capu 2 of Rsario X Vampire should have been more like.

    Sunday OVA 2 of Kampfer Overall this was the silliest episode of the series. It was basically about how female Natsuru had to buy a bra because her breasts were a bit too large. Akane agrees
    to go kingerie shopping with her.But to get the money they two of them are conned into working at a hostess place. Unfortunately in his normal boy form, male Natusru is invited to go on a group date to the same place! Laughing Laughing
    When the group date begins Natsuru has to change back to her boy form but then when Shizuka arrives she demands to see femaleNatsuru and then the others start to wonder where
    maleNatsuru went,so he spends the entire time switching genders back and forth.
    Finally in his girl form he sits down and rests but Shizuka taunts her but asking her what her type is.
    When everything is done Natsuru in his boy form and Akane are about to change clothes when they're interrupted and Natsuru hides in the locker;unfortunately Akane decides to hide in it to and then his towel sleeps and she blushes so he decides to change back into his girl form, but their stuck and when the other girls find them they're in a rather compromising position enough to provide
    some more blackmail photos.
    It ends with female Natsuru finally buying the bra.

    final thoughts: Does Natsuru keep his female and male clothing separate?
    Also how does he arrange his school day since he's seen attending both the girls and boys classes.
    And how come no-one ever asks the connection between the two Natsurus?
    Overall I found it fun.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 8/8/2018, 1:14 pm

    Monday watched the dub of episode 7 of Monster Musume. I wanted to watch it since it was the intro to the Monster Squad girls as well as Rachnera. The fun thing is that they flipped the
    OP and ED around because the episode centered on the girls in the Mon and not Kimihito's "harem".

    Tuesday episode 10 of Beautiful Bones this centered around a couple of missing girls.
    Isozaki sensei takes an important role in the case since he taught all three girls when they were in
    high school.When they finally find one of the girls she has nothing but contempt at first to say about
    her former friend,but then breaks down and starts to cry.
    The case also involves a creepy artist sho has a knack for painting lethe diana or death butterflies (so called because they gather around bones).

    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 8/10/2018, 12:57 pm

    Wed. episodes 9 & 10 of RWBY Question since she's an android or more technically
    a gynoid(female android) is there any chance we might see Penny again in the future? Yeah, I know
    she got "killed" by Pira accidentally but that doesn't mean she can't be repaired and return as good as new in later seasons.Although she might not have all or any of her memories of Ruby...
    The rest of it was about the Grim invading the city and the fight that ensues.
    Next week the death of Pira...RIP...unlike Penny probably not coming back.

    Th. episode 3 of Matoi,the Sacred Slayer Haruka volunteers to be Matoi and Yuma's
    tutor to be closer to Matoi as soon as she learns about her partner Roy. Fun way to listen to
    Ayako Kawasumi trying out her English..
    Later Shingo finds her cooking with Matoi and she tells him she thought Matoi might want some help.
    She also questions him about his wife and why Matoi is allowed to call him by his first name rather than "dad".
    The Night attack and Clarus responds.
    Matoi and Yuma sneak out to see what's happening and fortunately Haruka follows them.
    With Clarus looking to be defeated Matoi transforms in front of Haurka and Fatima who states she's
    achieved Divine Union;unforunately Matoi is totally useless at this point...
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 8/13/2018, 3:25 pm

    Friday episodes 4.5 and 5 of Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth 4.5 was the OVA.In it Yune discovers a female musician who plays Japanese songs. Claude looks down on her for being a Bohemian but nevertheless takes Yune to hear her play since it reminds her of home.
    Later Alice gets her sister Camille to invite the musician,Anne, to play for a tea party which she invites
    Yune to.
    They have to have it while their parents are away.
    At the party Anne invites Yune to sing along with her. Afterwards she tells Alice and Yune that her
    grandmother was Japanese but couldn't be with her grandfather because the difference in race.
    Anne's grandmother was the one who taught Yune's sister a song that is special to Yune...
    In episode 5 Yune tries to help Claude get more customers in but because of the difference in culture she ends up scaring them off instead. Then a ragmuffin boy comes in and steals a
    candle holder and Yune gets lost chasing him. Claude eventually finds her and warns her not to run off like that again until she's more used to the galerie.
    In the epilog the boy is shown selling the candle holder to a fence in a filthy alleyway.

    Saturday episode 1 of Murder PrincessWhen the science advisor of the kingdom stages a coup,Princess Alita is the only member of the royal family left.when she flees into the forest the Guardian of the Forest devours and kills her escort.
    Panicking she runs into Falis, a female bounty hunter.
    The two girls fall off a cliff and their souls switch bodies.
    Now with Falis in Alita's body and Alita in Falis' the two girls along with Falis' monster henchmen
    set off to win back the throne...

    Sunday episode 1 of TenjhoTenge It's the start of the new school term at Todo Academy.
    The Juken Club has a new member in Maya's younger sister Aya Natsume,but trouble is around the
    corner when Souchiro and Bob arrive as new students. They plan on taking over the school.
    What they didn't count on was the Natsume sisters.
    As soon as Maya hears about the trouble she challenges Souchiro,who laughs because she's in her
    child form.
    But when she transforms into her true form he's not laughing as much.And then in only one
    blow she sends him flying through the window; unfortunately it's right into the girls' shower room where Aya is taking a shower.
    Also unfortunately the Natsume family has a tradition where the first male to touch a female
    Natsume's skin is to be her intended...fortunately for Souchiro both sisters are rather good looking
    but unfortunately for him it means Aya now has her eyes set on him!...
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover Today at 1:11 pm

    Re-watched the sub for episode 6 of Madlax on Monday. This was a Margaret episode.
    She gets invited to a party by one of her classmates and winds up nearly being assaulted by one of the boys there. Fortunately Eleonore and Vanessa show up on time.
    Never mess with the maid when she's pissed when said maid is Eleonore! Laughing
    Seriously though after Madlax and Limelda I think Eleonore is the one girl in the serious you never mess around with!
    The rest of the episode was about Eleonore's background and how her grandfather put her in charge of Margaret just before he died.

    Tuesday episode 11 of Beautiful Bones there were a lot of twists and turns in this episode
    as Sarkurako and the others learn the truth about Futaba's disappearance when they uncover her
    bones. Sakurako recognizes it has the work of the serial killer her uncle has been hunting for years.
    Then Minami attacks her suddenly and Shotaro gets wounded by putting himself in harms way.
    Later at the hospital Sakurako tells him she doesn't want him to see her or even visit her house again because of the danger.
    This is going to set up the finale for an interesting confrontation..

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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

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