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    Jagged Alliance 2

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    Jagged Alliance 2 Empty Jagged Alliance 2

    Post by Almael on 5/26/2014, 1:53 pm

    Demise of Man (Aliens mod)

    So I found the latest version of the Aliens mod dated last December.
    As it turned out it didn't run so I debugged it.
    It ran but crashed after showing the sir-tech logo and a non-descriptive error message. My guess is the data base is a mess and on top of being an older version that's incompatible. I imported the data base (copy&paste) manually and realized the stats(balance) are not right.
    Well, I ended up making my own version.  Cool  Of course I couldn't do anything about the maps (too much trouble).
    In any case while preparing the stage for testing I got myself into the biggest fights ever experienced in the game. That was surprising!

    Later on that in another post.
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    Jagged Alliance 2 Empty Re: Jagged Alliance 2

    Post by Almael on 5/26/2014, 10:33 pm

    Since I found some nice general insights not just relating to JA I will post them in detail in the Space combat? thread later on.

    So now you get a little merc diary in exchange.  Very Happy 

    Day 1
    Arrival in Arulco
    My merc team of three arrived in Omerta, a small at the northern border of Arulco.
    Omerta is a typical rundown impoverished town, a lot of homes are damaged for various reasons.
    We soon ran into a patrol and effectively liberated the town. The towns people are an unfriendly folk, and I can't blame them.
    But thanks to Enrico's letter we were able to establish contact with the militia. I was able to talk them into cooperating with us.
    As we were a small team I tried to recruit some of them but ended up getting only a young girl, Ira, to join us. I hope she holds up.

    Day 3
    Starting the liberation of Drassen
    We've secured the route from Omerta to Drassen, but we still need to take Drassen itself to help out the militia.
    I'm planning to take over the airfield in the north and establish a supply route for us with the outside world.
    We are already running low on our ammunition. I have directed my team to collect the best pistols and conserve the ammo.

    Day 4
    Today we liberated the "industrial" part of Drassen. It's a cloth manufacturing company were children were enslaved.
    After a little disagreement with the manager she suddenly fell ill in the stomach and died. The locals were overjoyed. I pity her.

    Day 5
    All of Drassen's come under our control but enemy troops have been gathering around Drassen.
    I feared for the worst and have, with some extra funding from Drassen, hired an extra merc. She will arrive here tonight,
    hopefully before an attack. We have been recruiting and training locals for the defense but things are progressing slow.
    I doubt they are any good but we can't dismiss the extra helping hands.

    Day 6
    Our supply is running late. We are really in need of ammo. At least the new merc arrived. Not the best but will have to do.
    The proper Buns is well known for her conservativeness. She's kind of giving me the evil eye for being a merc.

    Day 7
    Still no supply arrived when we got attacked this morning. We were prepared and ambushed the troops coming from the south.
    But some scouts had already infiltrated the city and one tried to attack Ira from behind.
    I had placed her in the back and never thought this would happen. She gave of a shriek and.... I was witness to something out of a movie.
    It was something to behold. With such ease Raider drew his gun while turning around and shot the attacker dead in one shot.
    And he did that from about 30 meters away! It happened so quick I was unable to react myself.
    At the same time Raven dashed toward Ira and spotted another scout behind some rock cover. While running she, too, shot him dead from a distance.
    It's a good thing I hired this merc couple. We moved quickly eastward where enemy troops were shooting up our local militia.
    The enemy had taken a house and was picking up the militia. I divided out team for a pincer attack. The merc couple went with Ira.
    Seeing the locals being shot up Buns ran off ahead just to run into a bunch of enemies. Luckily she had enough instinct to keep herself behind a tree.
    Nonetheless she got hit badly. I patched her up, although, I doubt any medic in a developed city would call it that.
    Under fire we both were literally hugging the tree. On the other side the merc couple was giving quite a show.
    Running and shooting they picket off the enemies hiding inside the house. The militia took the back while they went around for the front.
    Raven suddenly ran into the enemy's lieutenant and her assistant. They opened fire and hit a militia woman dead who went in between.
    Raven, enraged, shot up the lieutenant while Ira hit the other in the leg and dropped him to the ground.
    Raider was behind but he managed to shoot a hidden enemy dead behind the wall who killed the militia entering the house!
    Under a hail of bullets I shot back at our tormentors and was lucky to hit and open up a whole in their ranks. We took advantaged and broke them up quickly. Moving further toward the east we neutralized the remaining enemies.
    But that was not the end yet. The enemy obviously had it all planned and another enemy unit was attacking us from the north west.
    We move back quickly. Me and Buns ran right into enemies. She shot the guy ahead and took cover behind some rock while taking aim at another from coming from an northern alley.
    I had no choice but to look for cover in the next alley full of enemies! I dropped to the ground just around the corner and opened fire.
    It was too tight for comfort. The bullets were filling the air but thanks to the house's corner I was saved.
    We were pinned down and more were still coming our way. The rest of the team was too far away to get her in time or even to provide support.
    I directed them for a pincer attack. Ironically, it meant they would track back to the house that was taken earlier.
    Me and Buns had no choice but switch to our pistols. Thankfully the rest of the team got close enough to pick off some of the enemies from the far side.
    Still I was facing a bunch of enemies. Buns got my back covered but could not help out otherwise. She had her own little firefight.
    After a while the house corner was no more but a sad pile of rubble and I got hit soon enough.
    It went on for a while but we managed to round them up in the end just before running completely out of bullets.
    The town was littered with bodies of enemies, militias and locals alike. Buns found it revolting. I couldn't agree more.
    We were quite lucky. From the looks of it we were facing against 75 well trained army troopers with a team of only five.
    None of the local militia survived. At the end of the day our supply finally arrived with the ammo we needed. But none of us felt like celebrating.

    Day 8
    With a load of ammo at hand we moved to attack the nearby SAM base. On the way we finally found our sought for pilot. We had to escort him back.
    I pressed hard to get us back to the base in time for an attack at night. Our attack went well and we got rid of the five or six men on the base.
    However, enemy reinforcement arrived sooner than expected.
    I divided the team into two groups and we used the darkness to position ourselves. The merc pair and Ira took the front while me and Buns covered the back.
    Once again the enemy numbers were unexpectedly high. The enemy fell over our positions by the dozen. Thanks to the darkness most of them didn't hit us.
    But some were skilled enough and well equipped. More than once the fire was came close and some of us got hit multiple times.
    In the morning the base was littered with bodies and empty shells. The body count seems to be around 80 or more.
    I don't know where they came from but it doesn't look like things are going to get easier.

    Day 9
    I've hired a proper medic, Fox. She's well known for her medical articles, and had once featured a two-page revealing picture in a merc magazine not too long ago.
    Bun's accusing me of wanting to establish a swimsuit team rather than hiring able mercs. What can I say we got four good looking females and two rough looking males. I admit, Fox is easily model material but she has two well trained hands.
    She doesn't seem to mind the attention, though. Well, it looks like Bun's not going to stay for long.

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    Jagged Alliance 2 Empty Re: Jagged Alliance 2

    Post by Almael on 6/2/2014, 10:54 pm

    I uploaded the mod Jagged_Alliance2-scifi-mod.rar.html

    Get it while it's still there.
    Read the readme for instructions.
    You only need to unpack it in the JA2 game folder.

    As to playing, well, if you are experience then look at Booby Ray's for the descriptions.

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    Jagged Alliance 2 Empty Re: Jagged Alliance 2

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