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    Essential Classic Anime

    mitsuki lover
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    Essential Classic Anime Empty Essential Classic Anime

    Post by mitsuki lover on 11/18/2013, 3:01 pm

    Yeah this sort of list can be highly subjective but here's what I think
    are some of the most essential classic anime(from a larger list I made):

    1.Cowboy Bebop
    2.Crest/Banner/Banner of the Stars II
    3.Outlaw Star
    4.Tenchi Muyo
    6.Sailor Moon
    7.Revolutionary Girl Utena
    8.Ghost in the Shell
    9.Bubblegum Crisis
    10.Lupin The Third
    11.Mobile Suit Gundam(the original series)
    13.Neon Genesis Evangelion
    14.Giant Robo
    15.Blood,The Last Vampire
    16.Vampire Princess Miyu(OVAs)
    19.The Dirty Pair
    21.Kimagure Orange Road(I had this at the top of my original list but
    put it here since it's OOP and I was thinking of making this a list of
    essential anime classics for anime noobs)

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