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    Extry!Extry!Extry!Those DVD Extras

    mitsuki lover
    mitsuki lover
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    Extry!Extry!Extry!Those DVD Extras Empty Extry!Extry!Extry!Those DVD Extras

    Post by mitsuki lover on 2/15/2010, 1:52 pm

    In this thread discuss some of the extras that come as part of osme of the DVDs you have.
    I start with the following:
    *Kashimashi:Girl Meets Girl,includes cast interviews conducted by the seiyuu who plays
    *Neon Genesis Evangelion Plantinum vol.7,not an EXTRA per se but comes with the Director's Cut of ep.24 as part of the main episode menu.
    *Banner of the Stars II vol.3,comes with extra episode giving backstory of Lafiel's parents.
    *Full Metal Panic!The Second Raid vol.4,comes with the "Tessa's Day" OVA.
    *The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,includes a making of
    *Angel Tales,"Venomous Tails"basically outtakes spliced together.
    *The Vision of Escaflowne,music videos.
    *Sailor Moon Super S vol.6,includes character
    *Wedding Peach,vol.6 came with an extra bonus disc that included a mini-episode and
    interview with Furil.
    *Azumanga Daioh!vol.6,the Mini-movie!!!! Extry!Extry!Extry!Those DVD Extras Icon_cheers
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    Extry!Extry!Extry!Those DVD Extras Empty Re: Extry!Extry!Extry!Those DVD Extras

    Post by Almael on 2/15/2010, 2:46 pm

    I see you got bots2 already. That was the Birth movie.

    Well, they all have extras now a day, since most are old now. Laughing
    Don't remember them all...
    Sol Bianca had nice design graphics and UI graphics.
    Bloodreign (Yoma..) had OST extras.
    A-Ko has musical & creation extras
    School Rumble, well, just extra snippets
    Tactical Roar, extra girl drinking .... -_-;

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