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    Sentou Yosei Yukikaze PC Game

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    Sentou Yosei Yukikaze PC Game

    Post by Almael on 11/20/2009, 11:19 am

    I know this game has been around for a while but the PC version is hard to get. The last time I saw an auction on it was two years ago. Only recently there is an Xbox 360 version.

    It's an arcade esque flight simulator. The physics is ok under normal circumstances, but is more arcade like when it comes down to certain maneuvers like yaw. Yaw reacts immediately but returns far back, which is bad. This points to a discrepancy in movement and vector.

    Another bad thing is there is a time limit for missions and Nav points must be hit accurately.
    I have been flying close to 20 ft and not getting it as a hit. Sad

    But the worst thing is the keyboard control which is not only fixed but relies on the Num pad. I have played many flight seem with just keyboard and even got Medals of Honors but this one is really trouble some. Anyway, it can use a joystick or game pad so that's fine if you got one.
    There are 17 missions but you can finish with 14, it seems. By completing mission you unlock more aircrafts for duel fights, not for the missions. You always fly the Supersylph for missions.
    The human aircrafts are no match for a Supersylph but the Jam are pretty fast. While shooting at one at missile range another one will get to you by the time you hit it.

    The good thing is that there is a combat recorder so you can review the maneuvers.
    It's not as good as DID F22 ADF but good enough. You can only pan the camera, though.

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